Renata Stein - To Mend the World

My work addresses issues of loss and transience, ambivalence and paradox reflecting the discontinuities of contemporary life both on historical as well as personal levels. While communicating the “brokenness” of our contemporary world, I see the creative process as an opportunity for transcendence and healing.

Assembling fragments, transforming everyday objects and infusing them with new meaning, has always been at the core of my artistic work. Collage, assemblage, and papermaking lend themselves particularly well to such to such transmutations from base material into new spiritual and poetic entities.

The tools through which I translate the fissures and displacements of modern life into a visual vernacular consist of splintered, discarded fragments, found materials, from old book fragments, to scrap metal, hair, sand, and leaves. Materials have their own intrinsic history and symbolism that I combine with contemporary concerns and issues: sand, for instance, tells the story of the earth and is associated with the wanderings of today’s refugees, nomads and exiles.